Buyers: What Not to Do

In previous sections, I’ve told Buyers and Sellers what to do. Today I want to Buyers what NOT to do.

  1. Once you get preapproved for a loan, simply lay low. Don’t make any major purchases until after the transaction on the home closes. For example, don’t buy a car or a boat, and don’t apply for a new credit card. Any vendor that will run a credit check on you will affect your credit score and may jeopardize the processing of your loan.
  2. Please, don’t change jobs until the home transaction is closed. Your lender will want at least two pay stubs from your employer. If you change jobs/companies and get paid twice a month, there is a chance this will add an additional 30 days to the Close of Escrow and jeopardize the purchase of your home.
  3. Most importantly, don’t keep any secrets from your REALTOR. It’s imperative that you be open and honest with them. Don’t leave them in the dark. Their fiduciary responsibility is to you, so it’s important that you be transparent. Partner with your REALTOR and the transaction will run much smoother.

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