Condition, Location, Price

When you are selling your home, there are three important criteria that need to be aligned in order for your home to sell.

  1. Condition
  2. Location
  3. Price
In my experience, if a home isn’t selling, one of those three elements is out of whack.

The first is condition. What is the condition of your home? Is it dated? Has it been recently updated like the other homes in the neighborhood? Are there repairs that are needed? I would recommend that you get a home and pest inspection if you’re unsure of what the condition of your home really is.

Next is location. Where is your home located? Is it near schools or a park? Does it back up to a freeway or is it in the flight path of a nearby airport? Really look at the location of your home with both a positive and negative perspective. And the list price should be adjusted accordingly.

Last is price (and this is the tough one). What you think your home is worth and what the Market says your home is worth could be two different things. The List Price needs to compare with other similar home in your neighborhood that has recently sold.

Remember… Condition, location, and price are three critical elements that need to be aligned in order to get your home sold. If your home isn’t selling, sit down with your REALTOR and determine which one of those is out of whack then make the necessary adjustments.

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