What is 2 Minute Real Estate?

I remember the first time I purchased a home in California. There were so many forms to sign, milestone dates to remember, and hurdles to jump over that it made my head spin. It was an emotional time! Navigating largest transaction of your life is pretty scary.
Luckily, I had fantastic REALTORS who walked me through the process and got me through to a successful close of escrow. Today, I’m a licensed California REALTOR and I want to pay it forward. I help people buy and sell property and I help them navigate the biggest transaction of their lives.
These short 2 Minute Real Estate tutorials on a variety of Real Estate topics were developed for both Buyers and Sellers. Topics include: How to get your home ready for sale; The top 3 things a Buyer needs to do before putting an offer in on a home; How to navigate through escrow; What’s a contingency and why are they important; as well as many more Real Estate topics.
Feel free to share these tutorials with those that might be interested in Buying or Selling Real Estate.


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