What Sellers Need to Know

I often get asked by homeowners what they need to do prior to getting their houses ready for sale. So today I’m going to talk about the top three things that you need to do in preparation before your home goes on the market.
  1. Find a REALTOR. It’s important to find a REALTOR that you feel comfortable with. Interview a few of them, and ask for references. You know this is quite possibly the biggest sale of your life so it’s important that you find someone that you can really trust and partner with to sell your home.
  2. Understand the Market Conditions. What do I mean by that? Real Estate is always in flux so what sold in your neighborhood 4 months ago may not sell for the same price today. Your REALTOR will pull comparables in your neighborhood and before you determine a list price, make sure you understand what the market condition is like today.
Start to de-clutter your home and address the items that need to be fixed. We all live with clutter, I know I do, and all that clutter is going to have to be put away in time for your open house. Fix all the items that need to be repaired in your home. Things like burnt-out light bulbs, a leaking faucet, etc. No time like the present… start right away.

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